Dr. Susanne Droste - Praxis für Mentaltraining und integrative Hypnotherapie

Time Line Therapy TM

What does Timeline Therapy™ do?

Timeline Therapy was founded in the 1980s by Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall asas result of the NLP research and practical  work.
Central to this is the recognition that people store experience in a chronological order (time line). Time and memory organization is done different from person to person, but are easy to calculate.

How does Timeline Therapy ™work?

The Time Line Therapy TM is based on the knowledge that everything that happens to us is stored in an individual timely organized manner and goes one step further. It is therefore particularly suitable for the resolution of negative beliefs, painful emotions or mental blocks that give you problems in your current life.

In a state of heightened concentration and deepened awareness you float under my instruction above your personal timeline back to the specific experience you associate with your problem and you will be able to solve it right at the root once and for all.
It is possible, but not necessary to go into the situation directly (. A dissociated viewpoint (merely observing from a distant) often proves to be particularly fruitful when it comes to traumatic memory situations.
By the resolution of this basic situation, also other situations that were emotionally significant lose their negatively shaded impact.
For the preparation for a future situation, it makes sense to associate fully into the imagined situation (i.e. be the acting person not the observer) and experience it and implant a new strategy in your timeline.


The Timeline Therapy can be used as a support for a wide range of applications. If you are unsure whether a Timeline Therapy appears makes sense for you and indexed like to contact me via email or call me .